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The go-to association for the gift card industry - sharing insight and knowledge, influencing issues, and sparking change.

What is the GCVA?

The GCVA is a vibrant community of retailers, issuers, suppliers, start-ups, and consultants in the gift card industry - a dynamic, responsive network shaping the future of gift cards and stored value solutions. With a membership of over 90 organisations, the GCVA is the driving voice for gift cards - a knowledge hub and support for everyone in the gift card space who wants to keep up to date with an active, high-growth sector. We support your growth and development and provide a platform to help your business succeed. We facilitate peer collaboration, amplify your products and services, and celebrate your successes. Isn’t it time you joined?

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What the GCVA does

Including, but not limited to, the following highlights.


5 in-person events including Conference, Hall of Fame Awards, November Summit and socials.


GCVA Connect online forums, dedicated retailer forums, executive-led discussions, drop-ins and webinars

Research & Insight

16 Industry & Consumer Insight & Research, including Consumer Reports, State of the Nation, KPMG and more…

Our Executive Board

The GCVA’s board are the linchpin of the work we do. Elected from the membership, our active executive group has broad expertise and talents, bringing gift cards to the boardroom and beyond. They work closely with the GCVA team to develop strategic frameworks to drive our brilliant industry forward - and push gift cards further up the agenda in business and government.

Adam Hobbs

GCVA Executive Chair

Siobhan Moore

GCVA Executive Chair

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